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Need help designing your keg collar?

Browse our collection of easy to complete do-it-yourself (DIY) keg collar templates. Simply upload your
logo and fill in the information fields for a personalized keg collar in matter of minutes.

Template Keg Collars

Need Items Quickly?

Visit our pre-printed stock shop with various ready-to-ship keg collars, keg caps, coasters and required government health warning labels.

Paperboard Coasters

A lightweight and eco-friendly solution to the traditional expensive coarkboard coaster

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Keg Caps

Maintain pristine keg quality with our vented keg caps. Specially designed to safeguard your keg valve from debris. Choose our reliable vented keg caps for superior valve protection and optimal beverage purity.

Pre-Printed Labels

Discover a wide range of keg, growler, and bottle labels to elevate your branding. From durable wrap-around keg labels to eye-catching growler labels, find the perfect label solution to showcase your product and attract customers. Explore our selection now!

Growler Tags

Elevate your growlers with our stylish and functional growler tags. Easily identify your craft beer or beverage, personalize it with your logo, and add key information. Stand out in the market and impress customers with our high-quality growler tags, designed for brand visibility and customer convenience.

  • Our favorite thing about using is the ease of ordering, the superior customer service, and most importantly, the quality of the product.

    - Upslope Brewing

  • We found out about keg from seeing the quality of work they’d done for our friends and their breweries. Keg makes it quick, easy and effortless to order.

    -Goodlife Brewing

  • We love how simple it is to customize the keg collars to fit our needs. The ability to track our orders as it progresses in production is also really neat.

    -Cartel Coffee Lab

  • Are your collars TTB approved?

    We can provide information and tips for TTB compliance and regulation.

  • What do you print your collars on?

    Our house stock is a 12pt, C1S paperboard that is 30% post consumer recucled material.

  • Can you design my keg collar?

    We do not design collars but we do have easy to complete keg collar templates. We can also recoment a wonderful graphic artist if you would like.

  • Where are items shipped from?

    We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Bend, Oregon to be exact!