Feature Friday: Altamont Beer Works

Feature Friday: Altamont Beer Works

Altamont Beer Works

About Altamont Beer Works

Altamont Beer Works was founded in 2012 and officially opened its doors in February of 2013. My business partner Greg and I were both home brewers, but got a hop into commercial brewing for two years prior to opening. After building our brewery, there was no stopping us. This year, we hit 7,000 bbls, and we're excited about the growth ahead. We focus on hoppy beers and showcase what hops can do through flavor and aroma. Our branding brings an "extreme sport" look to our logos, setting us apart.

Altamont Beer Works Growler Sticker

How did you find KegCollars.net and how has it been working with us?

We found out about KegCollars.net online. We use dirt bike graphic material collars for our kegs, but needed collars for new shipments, disposable kegs, and damaged kegs. Working with KegCollars.net has been super easy, and the products are great. Anytime I find a vendor that's easy to work with and offers great products and pricing, I stick with them.

To learn more about Altamont Beer Works, visit their: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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