Feature Friday: Bissell Brothers Brewing

Feature Friday: Bissell Brothers Brewing

About Bissell Brothers Brewing

Founded in 2013 on the pillars of fresh hop-driven flavors served in a distinct environment, and above all dedicated to our home, local market.

bissell-brothers-brewing-keg-collars bissell-brothers-brewing-keg-collars

About Bissell Brothers branding

Best-known for our tri-B insignia, which is prominent in Portland. Our beers are packaged in kegs and cans. The vast majority of cans are sold on-premise at our 2,500 sq. foot tap room, along with 8-12 drafts options on most days. We strongly believe in draft beer and have over 70 accounts statewide, 50 of which we refill weekly.

How did you find out about KegCollars.net?

For the first year, we were printing our keg collar designs out on our office printer, and cutting them out to put them on the kegs! This became normalized for us, until finally we decided that we had to break the cycle and find a more professional option, so we re-did our designs, and this website was the best option from our online research!


What did you like most about using KegCollars.net?

Without a doubt, it's the ease of use, first and foremost. Simple to upload and follow up with their reps if you have any questions. After that it would be the very fast processing and shipping times! We're definitely going to be lifelong customers.


To learn more about Bissell Brothers Brewing, visit their website, twitter, or facebook.

To learn more about KegCollars.net, visit their website or request samples.

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