Feature Friday: Cannonborough Beverage Company

Feature Friday: Cannonborough Beverage Company

About Cannonborough Beverage Company

Cannonborough Beverage Company started in Charleston, SC in 2012. The three of us were working in restaurants in the city and noticed that there was tons of outstanding beer, wine, and cocktails, but nothing delicious and handcrafted for non-drinkers. Soda seemed like a natural fit, being one of America's most unique contributions to the beverage world (aside from Bourbon of course!). We started out selling it by the glass at local farmers markets, and have since expanded to supplying kegs to bars and restaurants throughout South Carolina. By offering a well-crafted non-alcoholic option, bars and restaurants are able to expand their beverage menu to include those who can't or don't drink, while also using the soda as a mixer for a cocktail designed for high volume execution, without sacrificing the quality of the drink. We're also looking forward to launching 750ml retail bottles just in time for the holidays.

Cannonborough Beverage Company Keg Collars

About their Soda Brand

Our soda is all-natural and made from fresh fruits and herbs. We select a single fruit and pair it with various aromatics and sweeten with pure cane sugar to achieve a crisp, off dry balance. Our flavors include Honey Basil, Grapefruit Elderflower, Ginger Beer, as well as constantly rotating seasonal offerings such as Strawberry Jalapeño, Apple Ginger Honey, Lemon Laurel, and Blueberry Vanilla. By working with local farmers to source unique and interesting ingredients, new flavors are always in the works.

Cannonborough Beverage Company Soda

How did you find out about KegCollars.net?

There are a lot of great resources for brewers all over the internet, and because we use a lot of the same equipment as brewers, we take a lot of cues from them. We saw KegCollars.net mentioned a lot of places as being the go-to place for keg collars, and the first order we placed, we understood why they had such a great reputation.

What did you like most about using KegCollars.net?

The print quality is fantastic, the website easy to navigate, and the prices are very reasonable. We're still a fairly small operation, so being able to do smaller runs of keg collars at such a great price has made offering wholesale kegs a no-brainer. Likewise, the quality of materials in the keg collars means they can take a lot of abuse and still hold up.

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