Feature Friday: Cartel Coffee Lab

Feature Friday: Cartel Coffee Lab

Featuring Cartel Coffee Lab

Cartel Coffee Lab

Originating as an Arizona-based specialty coffee roaster and retailer, Cartel Coffee Lab has grown phenomenally. From their humble beginnings 8 years ago in a Tempe strip mall to becoming a community favorite, they've stayed rooted to their original location while sourcing global coffee varieties.

Their Unique Cold Brew Approach

cartel coffee lab keg collars

Cartel Coffee Lab is renowned for its cold brewed coffee, a low-acidity, full-bodied beverage ideal for their desert location. Not just a hit at their 6 locations, Cartel kegs their cold brew for distribution, serving both their own outlets and numerous wholesale customers in Arizona.

Why Cartel Chooses KegCollars.net

Cartel Coffee Lab's collaboration with KegCollars.net has been marked by seamless customization of keg collars to match their branding. They appreciate the tracking capabilities for their orders and commend the prompt support, especially from Nate, ensuring all their queries are addressed in detail.

Get to know more about Cartel Coffee Lab on their Website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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