Feature Friday: ColdFire Brewing

Feature Friday: ColdFire Brewing

About ColdFire Brewing

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ColdFire Brewing is a small craft brewery located in Eugene, Oregon. We are motivated by European brewing traditions and inspired by a Northwest aesthetic. We brew small batches, working to refine the art propelled by generations of craftsmen. ColdFire Brewing was born as the dream of Dan and Stephen Hughes, brothers by birth and home brewers since 2001. After a decade apart, the Hughes brothers decided they needed to go into business together. And as a result, ColdFire was born. Everyday, they continue to be humbled by the opportunity to share their craft with others.

About their branding and beer

ColdFire Brewing

We make refined beers that are inspired by the craft's European roots and influenced by our own Northwest heritage. You will always find the typical IPAs, Stouts, and hoppy Pales popular in this region, as well as a good Berlinerweisse, Kolsch, Belgian Dubble, and other Eurocentric styles.

How did you find out about KegCollars.net?

Cold Fire Brewing Keg Collar

We knew what we were looking for and searched online -- KegCollars seemed to be the perfect, low run fit for our emerging brewery.

What did you like most about using KegCollars.net?

Simple website, quality work, and low quantities.

To learn more about ColdFire Brewing, visit their Website or Facebook.

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