Feature Friday: Hydra Beer Company

Feature Friday: Hydra Beer Company

About Hydra Beer Co.

Hydra Beer Co. began our formation about a year and a half ago. We are a Sioux Falls, SD based company, and SF is only now just getting caught up on the craft beer front. There are tons of great home brewers, but the production side has been very slow to develop for some reason. I was just coming out of a business I had sold and wanted to get involved with something that would keep me home with less travel as I have two small children. I approached Nick about the potential of him partnering with me and we took it from there. Nick was the perfect choice as a business partner. The guy brings so many things to the table and we compliment each other very well. We started with next to nothing...an idea. We took what we felt were solid recipes and searched out a couple breweries that would allow us to contract with them. This would allow us to test our local markets, build the brand, and slowly work our way to our own taproom and brewery. Well, slowly ended up being very quickly. We began the planning, construction and implementation of our own taproom and brewery about 6 months ago and have since opened the doors to our taproom. We have been open to the public since Dec. 18th 2015. Our brewery is set to be finished and fully operational by mid April. It will feature a 10bbl brewhouse with 54bbl ferment-able space.

Hydra Beer Company Keg Collars Hydra Beer Company Keg Wraps

About Hydra Beer Co.'s Branding

Nick and I come from a very deep metal background. We have both spent most of our lives playing in extreme metal and death metal bands. We wanted to approach this venture with 100% honesty in who we are, what we love, and how we love to do it. We simply use art, branding, and imagery that we find appealing and true to our roots. The same goes for the beers we produce. We try not to pay too close attention to what is trending or what is the current fad and just roll with what we enjoy. I think there is something to be said for honest reflection in business and the ability to let your true colors shine through in your products. Not everyone is into metal, dragons, demons, and crazy stuff, but...I think we are all pretty surprised at those who have a hidden appeal to it.

How did you find out about KegCollars.net?

I spent many years as a graphic designer and have done a lot of work for bands, motorcycle shops, tattoo shops, etc. and have spent a lot of time scouring the net to find the best sources for products. KegCollars.net was no different when it came time to find a source for the needs of Hydra Beer Company.

Hydra Beer Company Keg Collars Hydra Beer Company Keg Wraps

What did you like most about using KegCollars.net?

Several things, to be honest. In business, there are a few underlying elements that build a great foundation and communication is key. Dealing with Nate has been fantastic. The guy wants to provide, he wants your products to be done right and done quickly. He has never left me hanging and has always made sure we are taken care of. When I can lock on to someone who provides great service, there is no reason to stray.

To learn more about Hydra Beer Co, visit their Website or follow them on Facebook.

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