Feature Friday: Yachats Brewing

Feature Friday: Yachats Brewing

About Yachats Brewing

Yachats Keg Collars

Yachats Brewing is located on the central Oregon Coast, in the village of Yachats. Our building, originally built as a bank in 1965, was transformed using almost entirely reclaimed and recycled building materials. Our restaurant menu is focused on locally farmed and wildcrafted ingredients, including our popular in-house fermented vegetables and vine maple smoked meats. May of 2016, brought the addition of our 7 barrel custom brewhouse that is biodiesel fired. Please join us at our tasting room in Yachats to try the latest rotating selections.

Yachats Keg Collars Yachats Keg Collars

About their branding and products

Charlie Van Meter, our head brewer, loves brewing saisons and farmhouse style beers so you can always count on us having a couple of those on tap at all times. We do brew some core American style beers, but we try to keep those in house only. We are currently working on some specialty barrel fermented and barrel aged with fruit we got from our local forager. The most exciting is our Salal Sour, which we hope to release right before Christmas. Here is a link to our current taplist: www.yachatsbrewing.com/taplist

Yachats Keg Collars

How did you find out about KegCollars.net?

I did some research online and asked other breweries who they used.

What did you like most about using KegCollars.net?

KegCollars.net is really easy to use, great pricing, and are made in Oregon! We try to use local businesses as much as possible.

Yachats Keg Collars

To learn more about Yachats Brewing, visit their Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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