I Need Keg Collars: Where Do I Start?

I Need Keg Collars: Where Do I Start?

In the market for keg collars but not quite sure where to start? We've got 3 options for you to make this a painless process.

Option 1 Stock Keg Collars

Stock Keg Collars

To get you up and running we offer our stock collar here. Collars are sold in boxes of 500 for $50 (shipping excluded).

Option 2 No Artist? No Problem!

If you would like a more custom collar but no graphic artist, then use our Keg Collar Studio here. Upload your logo and edit the text for a custom collar in a matter of minutes.

Option 3 I Have Everything Ready To Go!

Keg Collars

If you already have vector art files you may order your collars here. Select your collar order information and upload art. For multiple files upload either a compressed (zip) folder or a multiple page pdf.

Templates are available to download here. And check out our social handles for additional information. If you like some samples, please provide your mailing address.

Contact us today to receive your free samples!

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