Kegs: Your Free Brewery Billboard

Kegs: Your Free Brewery Billboard

Breweries and Soda Makers,

Your kegs are free advertising space!!

Let me explain...

How many times does your keg get loaded onto and off of a truck, picked up by a restaurant or bar or rented out for a special event? Kegs are one of the main transportations of beverages and should have your brand clearly noted on them. I recall attending a brewery festival where the amount of kegs used was remarkable to see. These kegs were moved from booth to booth all throughout the festival. They were loaded onto trucks, wheeled around to booths, put on ice when they were being used and stacked when they were empty. There were shiny silver kegs all over the place. I noticed the ones that were clearly labeled and just glanced by the ones that were blank. I distinctly remember (and migrating towards) the brands that I recognized or was intrigued by. What shocks me was how easy it is to place your brand on your kegs. Let your kegs proudly display it's owner as it travels from distributers, restaurants, bars, and events. Your kegs are free advertising space, use it! You want people to know and love your brand. You want them to wear your hats, use your glasses, visit your brewery, buy your beer and easily recognize your brand. Increase who sees your logo by branding something you already use, your kegs!

Two ways to brand your kegs:

1) Keg Collars

Keg Collars are not only required in all states but also allow for a great place to add your logo to your keg. Full color custom keg collars allow your keg to stick out from the rest and become noticeable in the sea of kegs that is often seen at restaurants and bars. Add some information about your brewery on there so that when someone is serving your beer at a wedding or event, they have a little more insight into what they are about to enjoy. Keg Collars are mandated by the TTB... so why not take advantage of the marketing space. Here are a few of our favorite full color custom keg collars we have done through our brand,

Custom Keg Tags

"It's not the beer, it's the community" -Three Weavers Brewing Company

Keg Collars for MIA Brewing

Keg Collars for MIA Brewing

Keg Ring

"Drink, Eat, Listen" - Chilly Water Brewing Co

Recognizable Branding from Pontoon Brewering

Recognizable Branding from Pontoon Brewing

2) Keg Wraps

Walking into Silver Moon Brewing, you will see stacks of kegs with their logo clearly displayed on each one of them with a custom keg wrap. It gives the consumer instant notification that Silver Moon Brewing has handcrafted something that awaits in that chilled keg. Keg wraps take a standard keg and give it ownership and meaning. It is hard to measure how many times a consumer, restaurant owner, or beverage enthusiast will see that keg from the time it leaves your brewery to the moment it returns. What really matters is that your branded keg is making its way around town, throughout the state or crossing borders with a clear noticeable logo hugging it tight. The bonus of having your kegs clearly labeled with keg wraps is that it helps your kegs get back to where they belong. Here are a few of our favorite keg wraps that we have done through our brand (Note: Custom shapes are free!)

Keg Wrap

Silver Moon Brewing

Keg Wraps for Pontoon Brewing

Keg Wraps for Pontoon Brewing

Custom Shaped Keg Wraps from Bike Dog Brewery

Custom Shaped Keg Wraps for Bike Dog Brewing - image via their Instagram Feed

For more information about beverage branding items, please contact us here or visit our website,!

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